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HF Information Page for Connect Care


While working as a co-op student with the Human Factors team at Alberta Health Services, I was tasked with designing a one-page pitch for our team to market ourselves to stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of an Alberta-wide electronic health record system called Connect Care. The Human Factors team was not widely known at the time but would be an integral part of the implementation of Connect Care.


I organized brainstorming sessions to define the most important information we must communicate to stakeholders. I conducted informal interviews with coworkers to collect information about content, layout and style. Once I defined the necessary content to showcase, I then went through multiple sketches before then applying the design into digital format.


The one-page document is now in use and has received good feedback from both the Human Factors team and our stakeholders. It has generated a lot of interest in the Human Factors Team as it visually shows the effect the team has on health care systems.


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