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Medical Device Reprocessing Department Study


While working with the Human Factors team at Alberta Health Services, I participated in a research study to observe and research our current Medical Device Reprocessing Departments within Alberta. Our hope was to identify potential patient safety hazards, disruptions in workflow then to create a list of recommendations on how to create a usable, safe, functional workspace.


After conducting desk research on space design and medical reprocessing centers, I created a standardized observation sheet that would identify potential hazards or disruptors. Using the standardized observation sheet, my team observed workflow, looking for hazards, obstacles, backtracking and inefficiencies. We conducted informal interviews with staff that work in these environments for less identifiable questions.


Our team gathered our findings and reported our data. We then prepared a list of recommendations that would influence the design of efficient workflow, physical workspace and reduce errors related to the physical workspace. These recommendations influenced the new space designs for Medical Reprocessing Centers in Alberta.


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