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Hi, I’m Katie 👋

After completing a Bachelors of Communications where I majored in information design, I dove head-first into the world of social media marketing. My true passion lies in helping others, both businesses and users. For years I’ve always wanted to help people, whether it was a simple task or a bigger impact. I consider myself to be a Social Media Specialist, User Experience Guru and Graphic Designer. My job title, while lengthy, shows my capabilities, broad knowledge and passion for the user.

user experience is my passion, user satisfaction is what I strive to create

it is not

“how do we connect”

it is

“how do we empathize”

When I’m not crunching away on my laptop, you can find me teaching dance, practicing yoga or barre at home, ordering takeout from Calgarys newest and brightest or spending time with my beautiful nieces and nephews. The pandemic has forced an interest in culinary and I’m learning to enjoy at home cooking.

I am a huge Mental Health advocate. Through my work with my dance students and in my daily life, I actively try to be part of the conversation and to end the stigma surrounding mental health.

A quote I like to live by is “good things never come from comfort zones.”

Let’s chat 👋 If you’re also passionate about users, innovation, helping others and community, please do not hesitate to reach out using the contact form below! I look forward to chatting with you soon.

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