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Pathfinder – Navigating Public Transit For Those With Physical Challenges


After defining the problem of accessible information, I then went into the ideation phase to define the most useful solution. Since users are looking for this information anywhere and everywhere, I identified that a mobile application would be the most efficient way to inform the majority of Canadians about possible obstacles on their transportation routes. Since most transportation users have or use mobile devices, this was the most accessible solution. My next step was to create a mock-up of what this application might look like. 


Keeping usability heuristics in mind, I wanted to create an application that worked similarly to already existing transportation applications. The design I created looks quite similar to Google Maps or Apple Maps for ease of learnability and comprehension.  I also took advantage of the extensive research Google and Apple have conducted on the level of usability in their current applications.


I presented the final mock-up at our Human-Centered Design Exhibition. I created a responsive mock-up to let users interact and play with the application like they would with their own phone. I was then approached by a specialist with Calgary Transit and was asked to share my research and designs to help the city with its future innovations.


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