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Accessibility in Berlin


While on an exchange in Berlin, I was tasked to identify a problem in the city and critique this problem through design. As accessibility in transportation is something I have a strong passion for, I chose to dive deeper into city planning in this European city. 


I first identified areas that people with physical challenges might have issues with, such as stairs, steps, platforms and ramps, then observed how people interact with them, both with physical challenges and without. My research included recording observations, surveys, interviews and speaking with subject matter experts in the city (transportation specialists).


After collecting data showing great obstacles in transportation accessibility, I chose to pursue a form of Guerrilla Marketing to provoke thought. I designed something similar to a postcard that people can take, interact with and reflect upon that posed questions about accessibility. I then dispersed the cards throughout the city and observed the interactions. Interactions included physical interactions (touching and collecting the cards) as well as media interaction (social media engagement).


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