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Unnecessary Testing in Pulmonary Embolisms


In my Bachelor of Communications, I was tasked to research a medical issue in Canada then inform people on the issue through visual communications. As Pulmonary Embolisms are a life-threatening issue that can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, race and religion, I chose to dedicate my time and research to this medical issue.


I conducted desk research to collect valuable information that would influence design decisions. I reviewed peer-reviewed journals and published articles to collect the most accurate information. Once I defined the most meaningful information, I then brought that information into a series of sketches then into digital design.


Using best practices for design, layout, info architecture and visual communications, I created this infographic that highlights the most important information for users to learn about Pulmonary Embolisms. I presented this infographic to a team of medical professionals at the Alberta Foothills Hospital and was then used for informative purposes for Alberta residences.


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